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The Leinster Indoor Open was a clean sweep by the Defence Forces Shooting Team with Terry Wearen claiming first prize, Sean Baldwin, second and Ray Kane third. Results are as follows:

Leinster Indoor 2018 Results

 Name   Club   Class   S1   S2   S3   S4   S5   S6   Qual   X   Final   Tot   Pl. 
Terry WearenDFSTA101.3100.7101.2103.2103.6103.4613.427243.9857.31
Sean BaldwinDFSTA101.2103.198.7102.9102.3104.2612.430233.2845.62
Ray KaneDFSTA100.7101.9102.7102.0104.2101.4612.927227.4840.33
Val PierceRRPCA103.2101.8101.9100.9100.7101.1609.625202.0811.64
Liam KinsellaDRCB101.3102.4102.5100.698.3100.0605.125180.6785.75
Peter DaynesRRPCB99.6101.1102.099.1102.3102.0606.1250.0606.16
J.K. WalshDRCC99.297.295.596.899.395.2583.2120.0583.27
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