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Ray Kane of the Defence Forces won the April Open in a hotly contested final that wasn't certain until the last shot. With one shot left, Ray led runner up Val Pierce by the barest minimum of 0.1. Before that, with three shots to go, Ray Reilly (who eventually finished third) and Val Pierce were tied on 214.7 with Ray Kane just 0.1 behind on 214.6.

Thanks to all who turned up and entered. The next indoor competition is the National Championships in June (date TBA).

Full results below:

April Open 2019 Results

 Name   Club   Class   S1   S2   S3   S4   S5   S6   Qual   X   Final   Tot   Pl. 
Ray KaneDFSTA103.1102.0101.8102.799.699.1608.322245.6853.91
Val PierceRRPCA103.5103.8104.0101.699.8101.6614.322245.1859.42
Ray ReillyRRPCA98.7104.899.0101.8104.8102.6611.730223.4835.13
Sean BaldwinDFSTA101.2103.3101.2102.1104.0103.5615.331202.3817.64
Jinxin ZhangDURCD96.797.997.292.695.694.0574.09174.7748.75
Eva GreerDURCC92.898.8101.295.594.598.1580.914155.5736.46
Patrick LynchDURCD96.893.095.395.588.996.7566.29132.9699.17
Alan BoothmanRRPCC102.498.999.3101.3102.4101.6605.9230.0605.98
Nick WestRRPCB100.4104.396.699.398.997.1596.6160.0596.69
J.K. WalshDRCC96.697.098.4100.2101.498.1591.7110.0591.710
P.J. HardingDRCC96.593.594.095.696.496.9572.980.0572.911
Jessica GormanDURCD87.392.788.796.198.287.0550.0110.0550.012
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