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The Spring Special was won by Terry Wearen of the Defence Forces with a final score of 245.8. Terry took the lead from club chairman Nick West after the 19th shot of the 24 shot final, Nick having stormed into an early lead with a succession of high inner tens including a 10.9. Conor McDermottroe came third with a score of 220.1 behind Nick who finished second on 242.7. Many thanks to all who turned up and competed and especially to Sean Baldwin who ran the final for us. The next competition is the April Open on April 15th. Full results are below.

Spring Special 2018 Results

 Name   Club   Class   S1   S2   S3   S4   S5   S6   Qual   X   Final   Tot   Pl. 
Terry WearenDFSTA99.9102.099.4100.899.597.9599.520245.8845.31
Nick WestRRPCC99.0100.3103.7101.1100.799.7604.521242.7847.22
Conor McDermottroeDURCA102.1105.2102.9103.6104.4103.9622.139220.1842.23
Kealan SymesRRPCB98.699.0100.299.7102.5104.2604.225199.1803.34
Liam KinsellaDRCB100.296.894.1101.999.297.5589.710177.3767.05
Rowan AustinDURCC96.499.8100.4100.999.399.8596.623156.8753.46
Eva GreerDURCD84.893.890.490.192.094.5545.63132.1677.77
Peter DaynesRRPCB101.8103.1104.7103.897.8104.2615.4410.0615.48
Alan BoothmanRRPCC98.298.798.5101.799.9101.9598.9200.0598.99
Declan CahillRRPCD88.
Shauna SuttonDURCD83.860.579.878.576.390.6469.520.0469.511
Gogoal FaliaDURCD83.076.058.475.984.290.2467.700.0467.712
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