The Wicklow Open Championship was won by Siobhan Scarlett of DURC. Siobhan stormed into an early lead with a string of inner tens and continued scoring tens throughout the final with her only nine coming on her last shot when she had the final sewn up with an unassailable lead of over four points. Siobhan's final score of 250.7 is a new record for the twenty-four shot final, beating the previous record of 250.4 set by Conor McDermottroe. In second place was Ray Kane of the Defence Forces followed by Conor McDermottroe in third.

Standards continue to rise. Had Peter Daynes been present, a score in excess of 608.0 decimal would have been required to make the final. Many thanks to all who turned up onĀ  the day and to Val Pierce for running the final. Full results as follows:

Wicklow Open 2017 Results

 Name   Club   Class   S1   S2   S3   S4   S5   S6   Qual   X   Final   Tot   Pl. 
Siobhan ScarlettDURCA105.5104.3101.1103.6103.6104.2622.337250.7873.01
Ray KaneDFSTA102.5102.2101.3103.7101.9101.8613.424246.0859.42
Conor McDermottroeDURCA104.4104.9104.4103.1104.2104.1625.147226.1851.23
Sean BaldwinDFSTA101.7102.1102.2100.1101.0104.0611.125204.6815.74
Terry WearenDFSTA100.0101.6102.1102.4102.7100.2609.028179.6788.65
Ray ReillyRRPCA102.3102.4103.0103.895.797.7604.926159.0763.96
Kealan SymesRRPCB99.1102.1104.399.8100.5102.2608.031137.6745.67
Peter DaynesRRPCA98.8103.2101.3105.0103.3102.3613.9350.0613.98
Val PierceRRPCB100.4100.097.299.699.499.7596.3130.0596.39
Liam KinsellaDRCB94.198.099.0102.0100.598.7592.3180.0592.310
Sean MarnaneECSCB95.295.495.496.3103.198.5583.9120.0583.911
P.J. HardingDRCD97.694.896.096.395.892.9573.4120.0573.412
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