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Here is the NASRPC Calendar for 2008. This calendar includes all dates and venues for national and international events.

National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs

Incorporating National Benchrest Association of Ireland & 1500PPC Assoc.of Irl.

Affiliated to the Shooting Sports Assocaition of Ireland.

Competition Calendar 2008.  Version 4.

Month       Discipline Venue
January 20th   25 Mtr. Benchrest Pistol  .22ins Rathdrum
      25 Mtr. Prone.    
February 24th   1500 Match GRCF Fermoy 
      WA 1500 Match* (Revolver/ Semi Auto Pistol) * = Proficiency / Competency 
      WA1500 Smallbore Match 5.  Invitational  International in April.
      50 Mtr. Benchrest 2 cards.  
      50 mtr. Prone 2 Cards  
  Note:   It is FRC policy that all pistol / revolver participants must have
      SSAI Safety Course passed before being allowed use FRC Ranges.
      Please contact your Club Instructor to attend next Course.
March  23rd   WA 1500 PPC   Ballyhoura Rifle & Pistol Club
      Centrefire Pistol 10/15/20 metres = 30 shots Kilfinnane, Co. Limerick
      Smallbore Pistol 10 / 15 metres = 30 shots.  
      Static TargetShotgun  
April 19th / 20th World Association 1500 PPC Fermoy
      Irish Invitational Shoot. (International Event)
May 11th   100 Metre Prone   BRC
      Kiel Part 1 & Part 2.  
June  15th   100 Mtr. Benchrest 2 Cards Fermoy
      Pistol Smallbore 30 Shots  
      Pistol Centrefire 30 Shots  
      WA1500 Centrefire  
      WA 1500 Match 5 Smallbore @25 Metres.  
      50 Mtr Prone. 2 Cards  
July 10th,11th,12th,13th   FRC European Open.  International Fermoy. International Event.
July 20th   Indoor Pistol - Smallbore & Centrefire.  Hilltop. 
      50 Mtr. Benchrest. 50 shots (2 Cards).  
August  10th   Pistol .220ins Precision 30 shots (Benchrest) East Coast Sports Shooting Club
      Centrefire Pistol 30 shots @ 10,15,20 mtrs. (Arklow, Co. Wicklow)
      Static Target Shotgun.  
September 14th   Centrefire Pistol 30 shots @ 20 metres. East Coast Sporting Club
      Smallbore Benchrest Pistol-20 Shots (Formerly Fassaroe )
September 27th   Smallbore Gallery Rifle 1500  
      Smallbore Gallery Rifle T&P 1.  Lough Bo, Sligo.
September 28th   100 metre Benchrest -2 Cards  
      Centrefire Pistol - 20 Shots  
      Smallbore Pistol-20 Shots  
October  5th   50 mtr Prone Rifle 2 Cards. Eagles
      Timed & Precision 1 Smallbore Pistol. (30 Shots)
November  2nd   Centrefire Rifle @ 100,200,300 yards. Kingdom (An Riocht) Rifle 
      Centrefire & Smallbore Pistol  & Pistol Club
November 23rd   Centrefire Pistol   Dublin Target Sports Club
November 30th   NASRPC Annual General Meeting Abbeyleix Manor Hotel
            2.30pm to 5.30pm.
Conditions of Entry.          
All entrants must be proficient in the use of their firearm.  
All firearms must be licensed / Authorised.  
Eye and Ear protection must be worn by shooters and spectators while on the range.
Please send your 2008 NASRPC affiliation fee of €150.00 to James Murphy, Treasurer, 
Coole, Fermoy, Co. Cork.      
January 26th,27th   Embassy Cup   Germany
April 19th / 20th World Association 1500 PPC Fermoy
      Irish Invitational Shoot. (International Event)
May 23,24,25th Phoenix International Bisley
July 10,11,12,13   FRC European Open.  International Fermoy
July     World Benchrest  Pisa, Italy
Shooting Sports Association of Ireland Safety Courses.
February 23rd Sat.   Rifle & Pistol Safe Handling Course Fermoy
August 9th 11am   Range Officer Training ECSC
October 4th 11am   Range Officer Training Eagles
If any Club or member wishes to avail of training in any of the SSAI National Certification Courses
please contact your Club Secretary or Kieran Barry (087-2400691) who will arrange a suitable date 
and venue.          
The SSAI are issuing Associate Membership Cards to its individuals at a nominal cost of €20.00.
Your spouse / partner can also be registered as an Associate SSAI member for €10.00.
The proceeds of this card will go towards funding courses, development of your sport etc.
You can download the SSAI Individual Membership Application Form from the SSAI Web Site