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We are holding our fourth complete benchrest shooting weekend for 2009 in Rathdrum on 3rd/4th October. On Saturday there will be a benchrest pistol competition and on Sunday a benchrest rifle competition. Entries can be made in one or both competitions using the 'Book Detail' item from the menu.


Benchrest Weekend in Rathdrum



Saturday 3rd October 2009


Benchrest Pistol - 60 shots in 20 minutes on the 25m standard pistol target (electronic - 200mm aiming mark). Details at 10:30am, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00 and 12:30. Three minutes unlimited sighters. .22cal pistol/revolver only using subsonic (<1130fps) ammunition.


Entry fee €15.00, re-entries €10.00

Medals for top three scores on the day. 


Multiple re-entries will be allowed for this competition to a maximum of three, re-entries will be handicapped by 2 points on a cumulative basis


Sunday 4th October 2009


Benchrest Rifle Competition - 25 yards indoor. 


  • 2 cards of 25 shots each plus sighters
  • Details every 30 minutes
  • First detail at 10:00am
  • Three classes: Sporting, Custom and Unlimited
  • Medals for each class dependant on entry
  • Entry fee: €15.00


Range opens at 09:30am on both days.


Please bring your licence/authorisation and evidence of insurance. Failure may result in your entry being refused.