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Electronic targets are a substitute for paper targets. The shooter has a monitor at the firing point which shows a graphical representation of the type of target they are shooting at. The target itself is a unit that contains an aiming mark with a mask aperture the size of the equivalent paper target. They are especially beneficial for wheelchair bound shooters because the monitor negates the need for spotting telescopes which are awkward to use and also because targets do not need to be changed.


A black background is provided by a roll of black paper which advances with each shot. Microphones in the target unit can accurately pinpoint the position of impact of the bullet and relay that information back to the shooters monitor which graphically shows the virtual point of impact of the shot. The score is also shown along with other information such as position of impact relative to the centre of the target and totals for strings of shots.


During competitions, the information is relayed to computers which can then score the competition and also print out graphical images of each target.