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The DURC Indoor Open was won by Conor McDermottroe of DURC. Conor led the final from start to finish, although he shared the lead with Peter Daynes of Rathdrum after the first series. Kealan Symes of Rathdrum finished in 2nd place and Val Pierce of Fingal finished in 3rd. The battle for second and third place went on for almost the entirety of the final with Peter Daynes eventually dropping out of the top three.

The next competition is the annual Turkey shoot, date to be announced.

Results below:

DURC Open 2016 Results

 Name   Club   Class   S1   S2   S3   S4   S5   S6   Qual   X   Final   Tot   Pl. 
Conor McDermottroeDURCA105.5105.6102.3103.1102.2103.3622.038207.5829.51
Kealan SymesRRPCB99.898.791.392.896.297.5576.39201.8778.12
Val PierceFSCB102.899.5102.3102.2101.5103.5611.828181.1792.93
Siobhan ScarlettDURCA101.298.6100.8102.6101.4101.3605.919160.8766.73
Peter DaynesRRPCB99.8102.8102.099.298.6102.6605.022139.5744.55
Rowan AustinDURCB100.296.399.7100.296.699.2592.215117.8710.06
Liam KinsellaDRCA101.4100.6100.5101.496.399.7599.91797.1697.07
Ciara DeevyDURCA101.3101.2100.099.9101.8100.6604.8220.0604.88
Sean MarnaneECSCB101.5101.1101.8100.097.999.3601.6260.0601.69
Lorcan O'CarrollDURCB100.299.499.297.495.797.4589.3120.0589.310
J.K. WalshDRCC99.898.699.198.396.593.2585.5120.0585.511
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