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The Spring Special was won by Conor McDermottroe of DURC with a final score of 244.0. Conor had a bad start with an eight in his first series and had a battle on his hands to catch Stephen Murphy of DURC and Peter Daynes of RRPC. He eventually took the lead on the 19th shot of the final and held the lead from there. Siobhan Scarlett of DURC came second after overtaking Stephen on the 21st shot of the 24 shot final.

Thanks to everyone who turned up on the day. A special thanks to Greg Hogg from Downshire Rifle Club who travelled two and a half hours to be here. That's dedication! Our next competition is the April Open on 2nd April. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Results are as follows:

Spring Special 2017 Results

 Name   Club   Class   S1   S2   S3   S4   S5   S6   Qual   X   Final   Tot   Pl. 
Conor McDermottroeDURCA104.1102.2104.1103.6103.9103.8621.739244.0865.71
Siobhan ScarlettDURCA102.9103.7104.0100.8101.4102.1614.927242.1857.02
Stephen MurphyDURCA100.2100.7103.4102.198.5103.4608.324221.9830.23
Terry WearenDFSTA102.1102.8101.1100.799.3101.4607.423201.8809.24
Peter DaynesRRPCB98.796.3103.099.1100.7102.2600.020179.9779.95
Ray ReillyRRPCB101.5104.5100.3102.099.6101.6609.522159.6769.16
Val PierceRRPCA99.6101.399.599.9100.6101.6602.518139.0741.57
Ciara DeevyDURCA99.497.297.598.7101.7102.9597.4190.0597.48
Liam KinsellaDRCA99.197.797.496.4100.4101.4592.4190.0592.49
Kealan SymesRRPCB97.4100.594.898.499.695.8586.5140.0586.510
Sean MarnaneECSCB99.097.098.598.794.196.0583.3130.0583.311
Greg HoggDSRCC95.898.996.7100.798.692.5583.2120.0583.212
Rowan AustinDURCB95.697.194.597.995.797.3578.1130.0578.113
Angela WuDURCC88.886.392.895.390.091.9545.170.0545.114
Finbar MurphyDURCD92.481.691.774.987.593.7521.850.0521.815
Clara Mercadal BaudartDURCD70.380.163.572.780.685.3452.510.0452.516
Alan BoothmanRRPCC87.691.295.795.756.90.0427.130.0427.117
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